Candlecraft offers candle classes and refills.Classes1. Candle making classes - Want to learn how to make a candle from scratch?2. Candle refill classes - Do you have empty candle containers? Bring them to our refill class and we'll show you how to clean and refill old containers!

Refills1. Home scented candles - Want to refill but don't have the time? We'll do it for you. Good for the environment and better for your wallet!2. Bars, restaurants, florists - Do you work in an industry that burns tons of candles at your place of work? We do bulk refilling for bars, restaurants, event venues, florists, and more.

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How does this work?1. Drop off your empty candle container
2. Choose your wax
3. Choose your wick
4. Choose your fragrance (or none)
5. 1 week later, you'll get your cleaned and refilled candle!

Bulk Candle Refills

If your bar, restaurant, or venue burns candles regularly, do you refill them?Instead of throwing them away, let Candlecraft pick up, clean, refill, and drop off "like new" candles for you!We work with bars, restaurants, wedding and event venues, florists. It can be cost effective and it's definitely better for the environment!

Scented Candle Refills

Do you have empty, used candle containers lying around and think: "Oh, I'll wash this out and refill it"? Or maybe you'll use it as a planter?But life gets busy and you don't get around to it?Candlecraft offers a candle refill service.Give us your empty candle, then we’ll clean it, refill it with all natural plant based wax. Sustain the life of your containers while helping reduce waste.Bonus - it's a fraction of the cost of buying new candles!Candle refills are based on the size of the candle.$7 - SMALL 0-5oz - smaller than your fist$14 - MEDIUM 5-10oz - about the size of a whiskey glass$21 - LARGE 10-15oz - about the size of a pint glassLarger? No problem! We can refill and wick containers of any size.

Candle Classes

We offer a variety of classes from our studio space in Avondale and in event spaces around Chicago.You can book these classes on Dabble. Some examples are:👉 Make wooden wick candles!
👉 Refill your own candle containers
👉 Design a signature fragrance in a candle
View our Dabble page here to book.Also available for private parties or corporate events. Inquire at

Candle Refills

We offer individual candle refills for the home or bulk refills for bars, restaurants, and event venues.


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